Sunday, December 11, 2016

Changes Behind #7 Green

This past week some of our talented team led by our Assistant Superintendent Blake tackled a sod job behind #7 green that we have had on our radar for quite some time. The project actual started a couple weeks ago as we began to remove good turf plugs from the area that was to be sodded. These plugs were used to repair small blemishes from the summer season as well as remove larger poa areas in our bentgrass greens.
Since the redesign of the course 8 years ago the back of #7 green has always been a tricky area to maintain. The architect didn't leave much room behind the green for playing surfaces let alone barely enough room to turn equipment around. The lack of space behind the green has cased a lot of traffic in a small area which resulted in sub par turf.
Our objective with this project was to reduce the struggling greens height turf and install an actual collar behind the green which would give the golfer a little more room for their ball to slow down and the maintenance staff more room to safely turn around.
Last Tuesday the team worked hard removing the old turf and creating a level area for the sod that showed up Wednesday. Overall everything went smooth and this project should enhance the area behind the green and give us a better chance at maintain higher quality turf.